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Thomas County Prison, Georgia Inmate Search

Thomas County Prison, Georgia Inmate Search

The Thomas County Prison, located at 324 COUNTY FARM ROAD, is a correctional facility that houses inmates from various regions. It serves as a jail for individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or sentencing. The prison can accommodate a maximum of 185 inmates, and currently, there are 185 individuals incarcerated in this facility. The inmate population consists of individuals from Thomas County and surrounding areas, including neighboring counties and cities. The Thomas County Prison plays a crucial role in maintaining public safety by securely housing those who have been detained by law enforcement agencies.





How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Thomas County Prison, Georgia?

To find out if someone is in Thomas County Prison, you can access jail records through official channels. The Thomas County Prison provides information regarding inmate status and incarceration details. For more information on accessing jail records, you can visit the following link: Thomas County Prison Inmate Search. Additionally, you can contact the Thomas County Prison directly at (229) 228-0441 to inquire about an individual's incarceration status. Inmate records typically include details such as the inmate's name, booking date, charges, and bond information.

How many inmates are in Thomas County Prison

Currently, there are 185 inmates in Thomas County Prison. This number represents the total inmate population at this time.

About the Thomas County Prison

The Thomas County Prison is a correctional facility that can house up to 185 inmates simultaneously. Currently, the prison is operating at full capacity, with 185 inmates incarcerated. This accounts for 100.00% of its maximum capability. The Thomas County Prison plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by providing secure custody for individuals who have been arrested or convicted of crimes in the region.

Inmate Visitation in Thomas County Prison

Visiting an inmate at the Thomas County Prison requires compliance with specific requirements. Visitors must adhere to the established rules and regulations to ensure the safety and security of the facility. To schedule a visit, individuals can utilize the prisoner search feature provided by the Thomas County Prison. This feature allows visitors to locate an inmate and find relevant visitation information. It is important to note that visitors must follow the guidelines set by the prison, which may include dress code restrictions, identification requirements, and limitations on personal belongings. For more information on visitation rules and procedures, please visit Thomas County Prison Visitation Rules.

How to Send Money to An Inmate in Thomas County Prison, Georgia

There are two methods to send money to an inmate in Thomas County Prison. The first option is to send money online through the official website of the prison. Please visit Thomas County Prison Website for detailed instructions on how to proceed with online money transfers. The second option is to send money by mail to the following address: 324 COUNTY FARM ROAD, 31757. It is important to include the inmate's full name and identification number on the envelope to ensure proper processing of the funds.

What is the official website of Thomas County Prison in Georgia?

The official website of Thomas County Prison in Georgia is http://www.thomascountyboc.org/DeptIndex/prison.html.

What is the phone number of Thomas County Prison in Georgia?

The phone number for Thomas County Prison in Georgia is (229) 228-0441.






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