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Long County Jail, Georgia Inmate Search

Long County Jail, Georgia Inmate Search

The Long County Jail, located at 22 SOUTH MCDONALD STREET, is a correctional facility in Long County, Georgia. This jail primarily houses inmates from Long County and the surrounding areas. It serves as a detention center for individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or sentencing. The Long County Jail has a maximum capacity of 3 inmates. Currently, there are 2 inmates incarcerated in this facility.

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Long County Jail, Georgia?

To find out if someone is in the Long County Jail, you can access the jail records. These records provide information about individuals who are currently incarcerated in the facility. You can visit the Long County Sheriff's Office website at https://www.longcountyso.org/page.php?id=8 for more information. Additionally, you can contact the Long County Jail directly at (912) 545-2222 to inquire about an inmate's status. Please note that accessing inmate records is subject to certain regulations and guidelines.

How many inmates are in Long County Jail

Currently, there are 2 inmates in the Long County Jail.

About the Long County Jail

The Long County Jail is a correctional facility located at 22 SOUTH MCDONALD STREET. It can accommodate up to 3 inmates at a time. Presently, the jail is housing 2 inmates, which is approximately 66.67% of its maximum capacity. The Long County Jail plays a crucial role in maintaining public safety and ensuring the proper custody and care of individuals who are awaiting trial or serving their sentences.

Inmate Visitation in Long County Jail

Visiting an inmate at the Long County Jail requires adherence to specific requirements. Visitors must follow the established rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and secure environment. To schedule a visit, it is recommended to perform a prisoner search to obtain the necessary information. Visitors should be aware that there are rules in place, such as dress code regulations and restrictions on personal belongings. For more detailed information on visitation rules and guidelines, please visit https://www.longcountyso.org/page.php?id=8.

How to Send Money to An Inmate in Long County Jail, Georgia

There are two ways to send money to an inmate at the Long County Jail. The first option is to send money online, following the instructions provided on the official website if available. The second option is to send money by mail to the following address: 22 SOUTH MCDONALD STREET, 31316. It is essential to include the inmate's full name and identification number on the envelope and adhere to any specific guidelines or restrictions regarding the amount of money that can be sent.

What is the official website of Long County Jail in Georgia?

The official website of the Long County Jail is currently not available.

What is the phone number of Long County Jail in Georgia?

The phone number for the Long County Jail in Georgia is (912) 545-2222.






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