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Jasper County Jail, Georgia Inmate Search

Jasper County Jail, Georgia Inmate Search

The Jasper County Jail, located at 1551 STATE HIGHWAY 212 WEST, is a correctional facility that houses inmates from various jurisdictions. The jail primarily serves Jasper County, but also accepts inmates from neighboring counties and cities. Currently, the facility has a maximum capacity of 849 inmates, with 570 inmates currently incarcerated. This represents approximately 67.14% of its maximum capacity. The inmate population consists of individuals from different regions within Georgia, ensuring a diverse population within the jail.

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Jasper County Jail, Georgia?

To find out if someone is in Jasper County Jail, Georgia, you can access jail records through the official website of the Jasper County government. The website provides an inmate search feature that allows you to enter the name of the individual in question and retrieve information about their incarceration status. Additionally, you can contact the Jasper County Jail directly at (706) 468-4900 for more information regarding an inmate's status and any specific details related to their case.

How many inmates are in Jasper County Jail

As of the latest update, there are currently 570 inmates housed in the Jasper County Jail.

About the Jasper County Jail

The Jasper County Jail is a correctional facility located at 1551 STATE HIGHWAY 212 WEST. With a maximum capacity of 849 inmates, it serves as an important institution for maintaining law and order within the county. Currently, the jail houses 570 inmates, which accounts for approximately 67.14% of its maximum capacity. The Jasper County Jail plays a vital role in the criminal justice system, providing secure custody for individuals awaiting trial or serving their sentences.

Inmate Visitation in Jasper County Jail

Visiting an inmate at the Jasper County Jail requires adherence to certain requirements. Visitors must comply with the jail's visitation policies and procedures, which may include pre-registration, valid identification, and specific visiting hours. To ensure a smooth visitation process, it is recommended to conduct a prisoner search through the official Jasper County government website to obtain relevant information about the inmate, such as their assigned visitation schedule. Visitors are required to follow the rules set forth by the jail administration to maintain a safe and secure environment. For more detailed information on visitation guidelines and procedures, please visit the official Jasper County Jail website at https://jaspercountyga.org/jail/.

How to Send Money to An Inmate in Jasper County Jail, Georgia

Sending money to an inmate in the Jasper County Jail can be done conveniently through the jail's official website. By visiting the website at http://www.jaspercosheriff.com/Jasper%20Co%20Sheriff/Jasper%20Co%20Sheriff%20Office.html, you can access the online money transfer service and follow the provided instructions to complete the transaction securely. Alternatively, you can also send money by mail to the following address: 1551 STATE HIGHWAY 212 WEST, Georgia 31064. It is important to follow the specified guidelines and include the necessary information when sending money to ensure it reaches the intended recipient.

What is the official website of Jasper County Jail in Georgia?

The official website of Jasper County Jail in Georgia is http://www.jaspercosheriff.com/Jasper%20Co%20Sheriff/Jasper%20Co%20Sheriff%20Office.html.

What is the phone number of Jasper County Jail in Georgia?

The phone number for Jasper County Jail in Georgia is (706) 468-4900.


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